Jan. 30th, 2017

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This was meant to be a review, but I'll just post all the sample files I recorded for it and you can use them as reference.

My room isn't soundproofed or crowded enough to break up sound very well and I didn't use the podfic tent for this. I only edited the samples recorded with the setting I use/plan to use for podficcing. Also, since most of us can't get their own studio, I asked my sister to make as much noise in her room as possible (she turned up the music and sang along as a bonus) to see how much that influences the recording and edited them to see how much of the noise can be removed.

Samson Go Mic, recorded at 1,5m from the computer, mouth ~30cm from the mic, 40% gain (I get clipping if I go over this, so I stick with the lower setting)

Omnidirectional pattern

Cardioid pattern with noise reduction (-10dB setting)

Cardioid pattern

Cardioid pattern with improvised filter (the way I've been recording for three years)

Cardioid pattern with improvised filter - edited

Cardioid pattern with improvised filter with music from the other room

Cardioid pattern with improvised filter with music from the other room  - edited

NEAT Bumblebee, recorded at 1,5m from the computer, mouth at ~20cm from the mic, 80% gain

Neutral preset

Music preset

Voice preset

This is where I realized that wasn't going to work out long term and got closer to the mic and lowered the gain - the voice preset is the one you need for podficcing.

So, same distance from the computer, but my mouth is at 10-13cm from the mic, 60% gain

Voice preset
Voice preset - edited

Voice preset with music from the other room

Voice preset with music from the other room
- edited

Editing notes: I did the same on recordings from both mics - amplified by 5 dB, noise removal (12 dB, 6 sensitivity) and a limited at -3dB at the end. The Go Mic cuts off anything under 80Hz by default, so I had to apply a high pass filter at 80Hz for the Bee before noise removal .

Recording notes:
Put the mic as far away from the computer as you can, so you don't pick up noise and vibrations from the fan. If you're reading off your phone or tablet, turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth to avoid glitching (if the mic is connected to the laptop - I'm still kicking myself over that one!)

Go Mic notes: I've been using this little guy for three years and have recorded in some really shitty conditions - I even used it in the garden. I made a cover from it out of a fluffy sock to muffle some of the noise, because I couldn't fit it with a popfilter (at one point, I made a little sound box for it, but it muffled the sound too much). It's great if you're on the move and/or don't have a lot of money to spend on a mic (hell, when I got it, it still felt like spending a fortune!)

Bumblebee notes: I just got it and I'm still experimenting with it, but [personal profile] analise010 was wondering what it sounded like and I was annoyed I couldn't find any samples I could use before I got it, so this happened. It's main draws for me were the articulated arm (it turns 45 degrees side to side and you can bring it lower than the stand if you need to), the flexibility, the popfilter and the absolute cuteness (the bee puns were an unexpected bonus - the site, the manual, the bee puns are everywhere). I like the sound - the voice preset brings out the midtones and makes my voice sound... fuller.

One of these days I will finish recording First on the List!

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