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Title: Real Adventures
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] tears_of_nienna
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Jonny Quest
Characters: Race Bannon/Dr Benton Quest
Rating: T
Summary: A brief interlude between Race and Dr. Quest.
Length: 0:56min
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Dear 7 year old me, this is not what it looks like.
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Title: Two People Talking
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] sallymn
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Stargate SG1, Looney Toons
Characters: Teal'c, Marvin the Martian
Rating: G
Summary: One alien is Very Displeased, the other is not getting a word in edgewise...
Length: 3:16min
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 photo DIGcopy_zps58a2fcb8.jpg
Title: A Very Special Dig
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] sallymn
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Stargate SG1, Time Team
Characters: Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Sam Carter, Teal'c, Tony Robinson, Mick Aston, Phil Harding
Rating: G
Summary: Archeologists on all sides... and the Colonel is Not Happy.
Length: 8.48min
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Reader's note: I am so, so sorry about the accents. There really should be a rule against me trying any sort of accent. While Phil is awesome, I'm not even sure what his accent is.

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My sister is usually the one playing dress-up and collecting/making period clothing, but I just couldn't help myself. Sort of on a dare, this summer I ended up making myself a corset and improvising a costume for the local Renaissance Fair - I was supposed to be an inn keeper, but I'm not sure how much of that worked out.

Pictures, bragging and, maybe some eye-candy after the cut :D )
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Apparently, I completely forgot how lazy a writer I am and how much I love to procrastinate (or maybe this is a new form of procrastination), but I've already signed up for two fan fic events/competitions/whatever you call them. First, there was the SGA Reverse Bang and then, because that wasn't enough, I had to go ahead and sign up for the Crossover Big Bang

It's going to be a busy spring.

WTF was I thinking? I have a dissertation to write this year!

Though I have to say I'm really curious about how these things work and I'm really excited about collaborating with an artist on a project, so maybe I won't be as panicky in the end..


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