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Christmas 2013 marked my one and a half-year podfic-versary… sort of… technically… Anyway, including the three major multi-voice podfics I was part of the cast and all other collaborations, I’m counting 39:50:40 of posted podfic, of which 4:29:19 I recorded with Sarshi and 32:22:32 all on my own.

I made either 77 or 66 podfics this year (depending on rather I count the micro-podfics independently or as one). Of these, 3 were multi-voice projects, 5 were collabs with [archiveofourown.org profile] Sarshi  and one with[personal profile] analise010



I only recorded 18 podfics outside of challenges, 46 (or 37) during Amplificathon, 5 during ITPE, 2 during PodBang (started in 2012, but finished in February), 2 short podfics for the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology and one during Podfic Big Bang.


There would have probably been more if I hadn’t accidentally erased my HDD in August and lost half of my PBB. 2 podfics were lost during that dark time and I didn’t have the heart to re-record them.


In His Image” at 18:20:54



The Harry Potter ficlet and “their love was soft, fluffy and perverted” at 11 seconds each, which won me the Micro-Battle of Epic Proportions. (analise010 was so close)

Most popular?

Not counting any of the 3, it’s ‘Inconceivable’ which I posted on New Year’s Eve and already has 642 hits in less than 24 hours, judging by AO3 hits. Judging by kudos, it’s ‘In His Image’, with 9 kudos.


Most underappreciated?

Jane Barbour or To Hell With All Your Land’, but that’s just the Great Big Sea fan in me talking.

Personal favorite, for whatever reason?

‘In His Image’, because I absolutely love the story and because of the sheer amount of time I’ve spent on it (six months), ‘Pyre’ and ‘Stole Away with the Thief’, which was a complete surprise.


Most difficult to make?

‘In His Image’, definitely. It’s huge (by my standards, at least), there were a lot of technical problems that kept preventing me from working on it, part of it was lost and had to be re-done and I tried experimenting with sound effects for the second time (I tried it on a much smaller scale on ‘Sometimes Stories Are True’ earlier in the year).


Most "ah ha ha I can't believe I'm doing this"?

The Micro-Battle of Epic Proportions, which was my and [personal profile] analise010’s attempt to win at least the award for shortest podfic during Amplificathon. I ended up with 9 podficlets that range between 11-18s in length and it was great fun to do.



Most fun to make?

The podficlets, any and all of the collaborations and ‘All’s Well that Ends as You Like It’, which was so much fun to read, that I ignored the warning signs my throat was giving me and lost my voice for two weeks because of it.

Was there one that didn't turn out the way you wanted?

The Truth of Shadows’ nearly didn’t get posted because of the sound quality. I put all my limited editing skills to the test trying to fix it, but I think I can do better now. I’ll tweak it a bit more now that I know better.


Biggest learning experience?


‘In His Image’ for reasons already listed above.

Do You Want to Date My Avatar’ was the first time I got to work with so many other podficcers and I am in awe at [personal profile] kalakirya’s ability to pull it all together.



What's next?

I started recording RosieB’s ‘Beside You in Time’, which is huge, and awesome, and complex, and full of original characters that I’ll have to figure out, and lots of historic settings that I need to get a feel for, and is probably as ambitious a project as ‘In His Image’ was. It’s also the fic I’ve been wanting to record ever since I started. I’m also doing Extreme Big Bang, both as a writer and as a podficcer. On the other hand, I want to take it slower on other challenges and I only intend to do 5 podfics for Amplificathon this year.


Other bits and pieces:


Considering I started 2013 as The Year of Fandom, I think I did well for myself. I never even expected to have this sort of energy. Now I have to see how to apply it in other aspects of my life, as well.


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Self explanatory, really.

If you want the longer, really going off on a tangent version, go to my dA post I really got carried away with the description.
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My sister is usually the one playing dress-up and collecting/making period clothing, but I just couldn't help myself. Sort of on a dare, this summer I ended up making myself a corset and improvising a costume for the local Renaissance Fair - I was supposed to be an inn keeper, but I'm not sure how much of that worked out.

Pictures, bragging and, maybe some eye-candy after the cut :D )


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