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So I reached my 100th podfic and I thought it would be a good idea to do some sort of retrospective.

There's this meme on deviantArt where you take one of your earlier drawings and draw it again and I thought it looked kind of interesting, so I stole it adapted it to podfic as best I could (the original drawing meme is here). I took my first podfic and repodded it, partly because I was curious, partly because I knew I could do better and I didn't feel like just editing the old one.

Title: Making the Most of Purgatory
Author: Resmiranda
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Inuyasha
Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Kagome
Rating: R
Summary: How to win at losing.

Before version: AO3 | DW | 22.28min | 20MB
After version: AO3 | DW | 27:38min | 25MB
There was another version I did in November 2013, but that I gave up on because of technical issues. However it's still included in the audio sample.

This is how the three versions look like in order:

It's weird seeing the difference between the three waveforms.
First of all, you can see how my pacing has changed - the new version is ~5min longer than the first. I also seem to have settled on a much lower volume (not sure if that's a good thing though). They're also recorded with different microphones (the first one on the ednet desktop mic that served me well for over a year for podfic and another three before that; the second on a poorly treated AKG D44S and the final one on the Samsun Go Mic I got last Christmas)
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Name: KDHeart
Fandom(s): in no particular order: Inuyasha, Yuyu Hakusho, Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Stargate (SG1 & Atlantis), Good Omens, Discworld, Bleach, Avatar: The Last Airbender... Labyrinth, Avengers, The Hobbit/LOTR, Blood+ ... Ouran High School Host Club, Dresden Files...
Do you podfic? Yes!
How did you learn about about podfic? I didn't even know there was a name for it back then. A friend recorded a fan fic as an Easter present for me about three years ago. Then I kept running into 'dramatic readings' on YouTube (usually of bad!fic). Then there was that first attempt at an audio version of Tales from the House of the Moon (on Youtube)... Eventually, I got into Supernatural fandom and was looking for recs for fics and found one with an audio version available ('Anything Worth Dying For' by [personal profile] waldorph , read by [livejournal.com profile] 2naonh3_cl2 ). This was about two years ago? Not sure, might have been less. Anyway, it was a really nice shock to me to find that audio fan fics were a *thing* (and that there was a name for them and an archive) and, most importantly, that I actually enjoyed listening to stuff read by other women :O (I hadn't had very pleasant experiences with audiobooks read by women before. They always sounded so... artificial...) Those first podficcers I listened to got most of my 'OMG! I never expected female readers to be GOOD!" comments and flailing. I've gotten used to the idea in the meantime and have become more critical of male readers' skills :P
If you podfic, how did you get started? Last year during my final final exam season. I was stressed, I has hurting, I had a dissertation to prepare that I wasn't physically able to work on and I had just spent most of the night staring at a blank Word document. It was 4am and I had been meaning to try and record a podfic for about a year then, so I just did. I had to go back and re-edit it six months later because I had been so unsettled by having to listen to my own voice when I first edited it, that I accidentally forgot to take out some re-takes.
Favorite podfic reader(s)? 2naonh3_cl2, FayJay, exmanhater, kalakirya, lunchee, Jenna Corinth, reena_jenkins, Tenoko, Alchemynerd
Favorite podfics? ANY version of 'Important Angel Business' is my default comfort!pod, 'Go the Fuck to Sleep, Sherlock' read by [personal profile] lunchee for when I can't sleep (no, really), 'Thursday's Child' read by [personal profile] alchemynerd (aka the fic that broke me. There is nothing the writers of Supernatural can throw at me that would break my heart more than this story did and it's probably the longest podfic I've listened to so far), 'Metaphysical Gravity' read by Jenna Corinth and 'Backup Copies' read by lunchee
What length podfic do you prefer? Any length, really. I used to avoid shorter podfics at first, but now I don't really mind if a story is 1min long or 12h long.
When do you listen to podfic? Long bus trips, short bus trips, any time I have to leave the house on my own, when ding chores, while editing photos... whenever I can get away with not listening to what's going on around me.
What genre do you prefer? Fluff, crack, the darkest of dark fic and anything in between (but you'll have to convince me if it's Wincest or it contains mpreg)
Do you listen to podfic in one fandom more than another? Mostly Supernatural, Teen Wolf and Avengers. I only listen to podfic when it comes to Sherlock. But I listen to other stuff as well.
Do you listen to podfic outside your own fandoms?If a reader I like starts recording in a fandom I'm not in, I might give it a shot (that's one of the reasons I started watching Dollhouse and Teen Wolf and read Sunshine). Or if it's a fandom I'm at least familiar with.

Sorry for the crappy formatting. I'll get back later to add links and stuff. It's 2am and I really shouldn't be online at this hour.

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So [personal profile] sylvaine came up with this and I jumped on it :D

[profile] [profile] kazuhachen mentioned she'd love to hear non-native English speaking podficcers talking in their own language and I thought YESSSSSS. Because languages. Languages are kind of my favourite. ♥_____♥

So! Podficcers! (And anyone else who wants to join in ♥) Grab your mic (or other recording device of your choice), settle down, & talk to us! (Or, you know, read fic to us.) It doesn't just have to be your native language, either, any and all languages you speak well enough that you're not too embarrassed to record yourself speaking in it will do. :D

In my case, this means Romanian, Italian (kind of rusty), Spanish (yay for telenovelas), French (less than stellar), Latin (though I haven't had to read it aloud before) and Japanese (which I had been sort of avoiding for the past two years). I ended up with about half an hour of me reading stuff, mostly at first sight (which I'm always bad at).

The fics I've read from are:
Romanian - Ultimul Tren written by me and also available in English
Italian - Amore e by [archiveofourown.org profile] iridania 
Spanish - La caja maldita by [archiveofourown.org profile] FujurPreux which I've already podficced here (yes, I'm lazy like that and I didn't want to subject you to another stuttered cold read)
French - chapter 2 of Le temps d'un rêve by [archiveofourown.org profile] malurette (I'm sorry for the horrible French, I really was way rustier than I had thought)
Latin - fragment from Arca Salvii by [archiveofourown.org profile] Lysimache (I wanted to do more, but that was when everyone in the house had decided they wanted to stick around, includin my Grandmother who was reading a book of prayers and I didn't want to go any deeper in hell than I had already made reservations)
Japanese - Problems by
pluie de argent



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