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Title: Shattered Heart
Fandom: Inuyasha, Yuyu Hakusho
Characters/Pairings: Sesshoumaru/Kagome, Kurama/Kagome, Sango/Miroku, Sesshoumaru/Kurama(sort of), Inuyasha/Kikyou, Naraku/Kagome, lots of OCs, Kagura, Naraku
Rating:  eventually M
Warnings: (in later chapters) non-con, tentacles, cliches
Summary: Kagome finds herself the center of interest for more demons than she would care - Naraku wants to use her to take over the world, an old demon witch thinks she has the power to break an old curse and there are too many demons who want to protect her all of a sudden.

Links: AO3 and FF.net
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Fandom: Inuyasha, Yuyu Hakusho
Pairings/Characters: Kagome Higurashi/Shuuichi Minamino, their respective mothers and a lot of random OCs
Rating: PG
Word count: 9647
Summary: Christmas in the mountains, away from time-travelling wells and dangerous, power-hungry youkai sounds like a dream come true to Kagome. Christmas, cinnamon and mothers who think their kids look nice together.
Warnings: mothers bent on matchmaking
Disclaimer: I only own Ana and the random people that are not directly related to the main characters. Kagome, Kurama and whoever else you might recognize belong to their respective creators.
Note: This story has a long history behind it. For something so short, it took an ungodly amount of time to write (it was intended as an entry to a Christmas contest about five years ago on a forum that is long dead). It has also influenced a major decision in my life - if the events would have happened the other way around, I'd have said the story was actually based on personal experience. As it is, it is just a little piece of fluff that just happened to push me in the right direction.

Links:  You can also find it on FF.net, A3O and dA

Outside, the winds were howling and snow was building up in large drifts; inside, Christmas sprit was building up. )

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