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Here's something new - I signed up as an artist for the Gabriel Big Bang this year. I got to work with the lovely [personal profile] neotoma, whose stories have fascinated me ever since I got into this fandom.

Title: Quatrain - a song in four voices on DW and AO3

Author: [personal profile] neotoma

Summary: Squaring up is hard to do - moreso outside of the species. Gabriel wants to get married, properly married, with two wives and a husband all properly aligned. And all he needs to do is get Sam and Jess to let him, a sub-adult blue, into their relationship, and then find a suitable red-moiety female angel who'll agree to the arrangement. Simple, right?

Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Gabriel/Kali, Kali/Jess, Sam/Jess

Warnings: domestic violence, violence against children, dysfunction families, incest (all discussed)

Cover, scene break and another banner under the cut )
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Apparently, I completely forgot how lazy a writer I am and how much I love to procrastinate (or maybe this is a new form of procrastination), but I've already signed up for two fan fic events/competitions/whatever you call them. First, there was the SGA Reverse Bang and then, because that wasn't enough, I had to go ahead and sign up for the Crossover Big Bang

It's going to be a busy spring.

WTF was I thinking? I have a dissertation to write this year!

Though I have to say I'm really curious about how these things work and I'm really excited about collaborating with an artist on a project, so maybe I won't be as panicky in the end..


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