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So I reached my 100th podfic and I thought it would be a good idea to do some sort of retrospective.

There's this meme on deviantArt where you take one of your earlier drawings and draw it again and I thought it looked kind of interesting, so I stole it adapted it to podfic as best I could (the original drawing meme is here). I took my first podfic and repodded it, partly because I was curious, partly because I knew I could do better and I didn't feel like just editing the old one.

Title: Making the Most of Purgatory
Author: Resmiranda
Reader: [personal profile] kdheart
Fandom: Inuyasha
Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Kagome
Rating: R
Summary: How to win at losing.

Before version: AO3 | DW | 22.28min | 20MB
After version: AO3 | DW | 27:38min | 25MB
There was another version I did in November 2013, but that I gave up on because of technical issues. However it's still included in the audio sample.

This is how the three versions look like in order:

It's weird seeing the difference between the three waveforms.
First of all, you can see how my pacing has changed - the new version is ~5min longer than the first. I also seem to have settled on a much lower volume (not sure if that's a good thing though). They're also recorded with different microphones (the first one on the ednet desktop mic that served me well for over a year for podfic and another three before that; the second on a poorly treated AKG D44S and the final one on the Samsun Go Mic I got last Christmas)
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A silly essay that was supposed to be serious written for a class during a very boring Linguistics class (where John and Mary kept killing each other in various grammatical ways).  A very silly essay in which man is given an upgrade, fairys aren't good with people and the Guy Upstairs shouldn't go into computer programming.

I need a better mic and to learn how to say 'calendar'.

Relax, darling. Your remote is in the safe, along with your Playboy collection, your X-box, the 2TB flash drive that now houses your porn stash  )


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